It’s all about minimalism. At Steele we use standard, non-GMO yeasts, natural fermentations, and no extra additives or enzymes. During fermentation we gently pumpover, use inert gas to move the finished wines, and use gravity flow as much as possible. All of this ensures that we don’t bruise the wine during its time in the cellar, which helps retain fresh aromas and flavors in the finished wines. From handpicking grapes to gentle processing and bottling in our own facility, we make sure our grapes are cared for from vineyard to bottle. It’s all about a light hand in the winemaking to better highlight the aromas and flavors of the quality fruit we crush.

After harvest all of the single vineyard grapes are kept separate until blending just prior to bottling.  That small lot management allows the integrity and individual terroir of each vineyard to show through in the wines.

Steele Winery is in Lake County, directly north of Napa County and east of Mendocino County. The county is home to Clear Lake, the largest natural lake in California. It is a mountainous region with vines and views abundant.

Shooting Star Sauvignon Blanc
Shooting Star Chardonnay
Shooting Star Pinot Noir
Shooting Star Zinfandel
Shooting Star Cabernet Sauvignon
Steele Cuvée Chardonnay
Steele Pinot Noir Carneros
Steele Zinfandel
Steele Merlot
Steele Cabernet Franc
Steele Cabernet Sauvignon Red Hills

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