Spanish Wines are Gaining Ground in U.S. Market – Rueda Region and the Verdejo Varietal In Particular

In an article posted through Shanken News Daily, Spanish wine exports are rising in the U.S. with a particular push by the D.O. Rueda of central Spain. Accordingly, the U.S. consumer is exploring those appellations which are not as well established as say, D.O. Rioja. The dominant grape of Rueda is Verdejo and there has been a significant marketing push by the region, including a $21 million campaign co-sponsored by a neighboring area, to gain exposure in the U.S.

Wine consumers are continually seeking value-for-money, and the Rueda region producers are providing just that. With wines such as those from Gil Family Estates, Bodegas Shaya including both Arindo and Shaya with an average price of $13, and Shaya Habis averaging $27, the wines of Spain have only just started to scratch the surface and reach their market potential in the United States.

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