Cellers Can Blau, Blau 2012 Featured in Street Scape Magazine by The Cheese Impresario

Cheese aficionado and blogger Barrie Lynn recently attended a wine tasting event in Clayton, MO at a Straub’s gourmet grocery store that featured some wines from Gil Family Estates of Spain. One of the wines really impressed Barrie and she reached out to Blue Ventures Wine Marketing to obtain some additional background on the 2012 Blau out of Cellers Can Blau. Barrie thought it would go perfectly with some cheese and considered both the wine and cheese of choice to be a trifecta of flavors and characteristics. Ms. Lynn wrote of the wine and the cheese she chose to pair with the Blau in the January/February issue of Street Scape Magazine. Just reading the article in full makes one want to go out and buy the bottle and the cheese to see what the fuss is all about!

Read the full page article on page 65


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